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Skyranger Nynja

                         Performance Data

Dimensions / Operating weights and loading

Aircraft Length                                                                         5,90 m

Height to top of wing                                                               1,75 m

Winggspan                                                                                  8,90 m                          

Wing area                                                                                   12,8 m2

Empty weight (depending on options)                               275 kg                                                        

Max. take-off weight (German Microlight)                      472,5 kg

Useful load                                                                                 197,5 kg

Baggage load (max)                                                                10 kg

Structural load with MTOW 500 kg                                    +6/-4 g

Performance Data

Speed never exceed (Vne)                                                     216 km/h

Cruising speed                                                                          140-160 km/h

Speed for best rate of climb                                                  90 km/h 

Best rate of climb (depending on engine/propeller)      3,5-6,5 m/s 

Stall speed                                                                                  65 km/h

Best glide ratio @ 90 km/h                                                     9,1

Take-off distance                                                                      320 m 

Landing distance                                                                      280 m



Fuel capacity                                                                             60 l 

Fuel consumption                                                                    12-16 l/h

Max. endurance                                                                       3,5 - 5 h

Rotax Engines

Rotax 912 UL (80hp) Rotax 912 ULS (100hp)


3 Dimension View