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Sauer S2200UL  Microlight Engine

The initial design for the four cylinder four stroke air cooled “boxer” engine was undertaken by Dr Ferdinand Porsche. The Volkswagen Type 1 engine, used in the VW Beetle and the VW Bus, has had one of the longest continuous production runs of any engine built to date.


Sauer Aircraft Engines was founded in 1978 with the intent of developing and manufacturing their own aircraft engine, based on the VW design. Continuing advances led to the development of a series of aircraft engines starting with the S1800 all the way to the S2500. Hundreds of these engines have been produced since, and can be found not only in aircraft, but also in other applications. 

The Sauer S2200 UL is based on the certified S2100 and is considered to be one of the “simplest” aircraft engines, with few problems known to exist. The engine has almost no AD’s, Advisories or any special maintenance requirements. This engine has a TBO of 2000 hours, along with a 2 year guarantee, as well as the possibility of extending the guarantee to 5 years and 500 hours. The S2200 UL sounds like a “real” aircraft engine, with very little vibration. The directly driven crankshaft can turn the propeller up to 3200 rpm, however the standard rpm has been reduced to 2600. This makes the engine quieter, and reduces the fuel consumption dramatically. The maximum torque of 215 Nm is reached at around 2600-2800 rpm. 

Below we have included a small comparison to the Jabiru 2200 which has similar specifications. 

                                                     Jabiru 2200                                          S2200UL


Type                               4 cylinder 4 stroke engine            4 cylinder 4 stroke engine   

Displaceme                                  2210 cm³                                         2234 cm³  

Compression                                   1:8                                                    1:8,2 

Weight (complete)                       63 kg                                                 69 kg

Cylinders.                                    4130 steel                                 Cast steel GG55

Fuel consumption                     12 - 15 l/h                                        10 - 14 l/h

EGT                                              max. 700°C                                     max. 750°C

TBO                                             1000 hours                                      2000 hours 

                                            (Cylinder head swop)                (after a 1600 hour check) 

Max. RPM                                 3300 rpm                                         3200 rpm 

Max. Torque                     200 Nm @ 2600 rpm                215 Nm @ 2700-2800 rpm

                                                         (= 71 hp)                                          ( = 67 hp)

Leistung                                  80 hp @ 3300 rpm                         85 hp @ 3200 rpm

Disclaimer: this information is based on type certificates and other sources. The information is subject to change at any time.